Bitnation Eras Dev Roadmap


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Current State of the App

Bitnation APP v0.1a

  • Create Authentication server
  • Implement Registration/Login into app
  • Implement QR scanning to app
  • Implement camera functionality to app
  • Implement eID creation to app
  • Create test blockchain framework
  • Implement AES cryptography to eID data
  • Implement real-time push notifications
  • Implement end-to-end eID sending
  • Implement Public/Private key cryptography in app
  • Notarise eID on test blockchain framework
  • Verify eID validity on chain
  • Publish to the App Stores

Next Development

Bitnation APP v0.2a

  • Attach documents to eID
  • Implement verification of a document
  • Create blockchain Authority functionality
  • Construct the basis of the TAMC
  • Create ChainTrust and TrustBreak transactions
  • Design reputation system

Bitnation APP v0.3a

  • Add limited-link trust and blacklisting
  • Create reputation scores
  • Test possible reputation exploits
  • Implement indirect trust graph search algorithm
  • Exploit test the TAMC

Bitnation APP v0.X

More versions coming soon...